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Estates Division

North Carolina Estates Procedure Pamphlet
Estates Action Cover Sheet
Application and Assignment Years Allowance Must be filed prior to one year from the date of death by spouse or on behalf of minor children
Application For Probate and Letters (Will)
Affidavit of Subscribing Witnesses for a Will or Codicil
Affidavit of Probate of Will (Witnesses Not Available)
Affidavits for Probate of Holographic Will
Application For Letters of Administration (No Will)
Waiver of Bond
Affidavit of Notice to Creditors
90-Day Inventory
Estate Tax Certification
Accounting (Annual/Final) Form
Receipt (Partial or Final)
Instructions for Affidavit of Collection
Affidavit For Collection For Decedents Dying On or After January 1, 2012
Affidavit of Collection Disbursement and Distribution
Application for Administration by Clerk
Appointment of Resident Process Agent
Petition and Order to Reopen Estate